You are your own leader! 

Having been in the space of women's empowerment for quite sometime, I cannot stress more on the importance of #selfempowerment.

Empowerment is to transition from a state of powerlessness to that of having the power to choose, to voice, to claim rights, to be treated equal. 

But even if such power is bestowed on someone, unless it is felt from within, the sense of power wouldn't sustain for very long, resulting in self-doubt and inadequacy and the need to fake it till you make it. 

When there is self-empowerment, there is no longer waiting for people or society to change, there is no longer craving for appreciation, there is no longer disappointment, grudges, or anger...this is because you start taking #ownership and #action.

 So no matter what the data shows, no matter how long it would take to achieve equality, work on empowering oneself!!

My keynote speeches centre around my inner theme of self-empowerment:

  • Challenges to Meaningful Changes

  • Grounding in Turbulent Times

  • Living a Productive life


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