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Mom, leader, motivator.

Dr Lakshmi Ramachandran is on a mission to empower early-mid career individuals in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) fields to become effective future leaders. People in science are people with a purpose to positively impact the world through innovation. However early in her career, Dr Ramachandran realized that while people in STEMM attain great technical and scientific training, they seldom develop the professional skills necessary for career advancement.

This includes communication, collaboration and leadership skills. The lack of such skills not only impedes career progression but also may result in burnout and depression. This gap is precisely what Dr Lakshmi aims to address. Equipped with professional credentials in coaching (ICF, Belbin) and training (CIDTT), in addition to her 20+ years of experience in diverse science careers, she coaches and mentors individuals and teams in STEMM. Dr. Lakshmi is also an inspirational keynote speaker who speaks on ‘The Future of STEMM careers as well as Self- Empowerment topics such as ‘Moving from Imposter Syndrome to Enoughness’; ‘Emotional Intelligence for managing workplace relationships’ and Living a Productive Life’. Through her keynote speaches, Dr. Lakshmi aims to connect with young STEMM professionals to teach them to live boldly, learn constantly, and lead with courage.


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