Think of your life as an Ocean, Vast, Deep and Limitless!

We traverse our ocean of life often chartering our destination/goals. When the weather is great, our sailing is smooth, and we reach our destination as planned.


However, in reality, just as the oceans are prone to rough weather and unprecedented storms, our life is subject to rough times and uncertain future. In such times we have the choice of managing to stay afloat, charter new courses, or go down/sink. 

What would you choose? The fact is, the choice is in our hands.

However, no matter how much knowledge or wisdom we acquire in life, distress can cloud our thinking and power to make the best choices. This is when seeking help becomes crucial, just like the distress signals sent out by boats in the ocean.

Coaching is a powerful tool that creates much self-awareness and clarity, allowing one to see the beacon of light even in the darkest of times. I have benefited from it personally as my life and career has gone through several transitions. Though each situation had presented unique challenges, in hindsight, they were hidden opportunities that helped me get closer to my true life purpose. 


Today I am an international Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach and together with my 20+ years in science, I enable students and early career scientists advance and excel in life. 

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