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You are spreading yourself too thin!

A comment I have heard way too many times from concerned ones.

Yes true that I have changed my #career track multiple times (5 times to be precise).

But the truth is I have had to #adapt and #change when life threw lemons at me. I fell multiple times and have had to pick myself up again.

I admit I have had to start from the scratch each time, learn totally new things, and have harbored self-doubt, and the fear of having to prove myself over and over again (despite past achievements)!

It has not been an easy journey at all.

My eye-opening realisation is that everything that I have been through or done in the past is coming together to lead me to where I truly belong- in the space of empowering and supporting others in their journey. #professionaldevelopment#coaching#speaking

All my challenges have only been learning experiences which I look forward to sharing with the world.

So here is my message for you:

✅ Advancement can be non-linear. What we become is a result of the choices we make now.

✅ Our choices are greatly influenced by the context. Hence, the pace of advancement depends on the phase of life.

✅ So trust the process, relax and enjoy the journey :)

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