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Staying positive, productive and letting go worry #Covid-19

Today is officially the start of 'Circuit Breaker' in Singapore- which means everyone stays at home for another month except for essential services.

There's no denying that it is a tremendously difficult phase. It's also naturally worrying thinking about the future. It is all real!

It's absolutely okay to feel sad, anxious, frustrated, angry. Do vent it out- talk to friends and family, cry it out...

But worrying for long can cause anxiety disorders which could lead to other diseases. Do we really want to worry too much about Covid-19 and invite other mental and physical health issues?

So what are some things you can do to divert worry to something positive or simply distract oneself from worry?

Personally, I find this a good time to incorporate simple habits that I have long wanted, but failed to do. For example, not looking at media and social media the first few hours in the morning. This time it was actually easy to do as I was getting overwhelmed hearing or reading such news. A simple act of staying away from such news has helped me save my productive hours during the day.

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