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19 Nuggets of Wisdom in an e-book

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

When the pandemic began, I observed that besides the uncertainties and quickly adapting to a new way of living, many of us were forced to fully embrace the digital world. Along with words like unprecedented, economic downturn, social distancing and resilience, Zoom, virtual connection, reskill, upskill, and reinvent became common words.

I was quite caught in an action frenzy at the start of the pandemic. The term slowdown simply didn't apply to me. I felt like I had so much to learn and do, reach out to people, support and empower. I launched my website, met work deadlines, helped kids with school, attended webinars, wrote articles, and coached people.

But I couldn't sustain it for very long. After all I am human, not super-human. The whole concept of a 'productive life' - the theme of my website, became crystal clear to me. #Productivity is not getting a number of things done. It is to do things enjoyably and to be measured by how content you feel at the end of the day. If not we would be simply ticking the boxes and moving on to the next, which can be never ending and exhausting.

So when I wrote a chapter for this wonderful e-book initiative by Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS), I chose to simply write my heart out. You see, I write not because I am an expert, I write when I am curious or when I seek answers. This becomes a therapeutic process for me as I discover the answers. When I publish my discovery as an article, I am sharing my excitement.

My chapter contribution for the APSS E-Book turned out to be one on Grounding the Self as I was going through the need and the process myself.

Those who have experienced turbulence in an aircraft may recall that although it can get extremely uncomfortable, the aircraft holds up through the turbulent weather. This is because of the way airplanes are engineered for positive stability, that is, the aircraft has a natural tendency to get to it's original position when nudged.

Similarly we too need to be able to realign to our core, our purpose and priorities, when we go off-course in turbulent situations. We need to build in positive stability by grounding ourselves in shaky times.

I am very excited that I had the privilege of compiling my chapter 'Grounding in Turbulent Times' along with 18 others, written by thought-leaders from around the world, into an E-BOOK. Very grateful to APSS members for this idea- 19 thought leaders sharing 19 Ideas/nuggets of wisdom towards 1 purpose- that is to inspire and send positive vibes in COVID-19 times.

Click the File Icon below to download the E-Book. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section of the blog. I appreciate the fact that while each one of us are affected, the extent of impact would be different depending on our unique circumstances. So please know that these are my musings and I would be happy to hear yours!

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19 Nuggets of Wisdom- Compiled by Dr Lak
Download • 1.12MB

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