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What's Stopping you?

It's been a really long time since I penned a piece! I have never felt this challenged before to sit down and let my thoughts flow into words.

So I asked myself what's stopping me? My immediate answer to this was that I am so terribly busy juggling work, kids, coaching, speaking etc., etc. 'A poor excuse' said my inner voice! 'Then what's really stopping me?' So I pondered and reflected deeply on this question. I got an answer which I was quite reluctant to accept initially.

"Striving for 'perfection'!"- A need for the perfect topic, the perfect tone, words, moments and timing. I was reluctant to accept this because I don't see myself as a perfectionist or someone who cares about the details. But turns out that deep within, I do!

This was a huge self-realisation as it led me to address many uninitiated, unfinished things that I really wish to do. The fact is when life is already quite packed, then if one wishes to do certain things, you just gotta do it without overthinking and strike when the iron is hot! When you sit on things, ideas and enthusiasm often fizzle out as I observe from my own experience.

So I invite you to take a moment and think about 'What's stopping you'?

One result of my realisation is this interview I gave on a platform called Diverse Talks. When my friend and fellow speaker Darren Brunton approached me for this interview, my immediate response was that it's a hectic time and I would rather do it later. But when he told me that it's a spontaneous, casual interview, I thought I could perhaps give it a try.

I decided to go with the flow rather than let 'perfection' obstruct it.

I did it amidst hectic schedules and quite enjoyed being myself and being in the moment. As you can see from the interview, it's not a perfectly prepared piece, but it's natural and it flows. Do watch it and let me know your thoughts via the comments:


Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandran, PhD' s vision is to make coaching accessible to the scientific community, the way it is for the business executives.

Navigating a science career is not just about acquiring a PhD, more credentials, having a great network or achieving success. It is also about finding the right space in science where you are most fulfilled and happy.

Her inner theme is 'Self-Empowerment', stemming from her own personal journey through science.​ She has a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from SUNY, Buffalo, USA and has 20+ years of experience in Science. She is also a Science Coach (ICF, Belbin, CIDTT) and a Keynote Speaker. Learn more about her at :

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