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#lazysunday #story: Almost a year ago, a neighbour gifted me her orchid plant 🪴⚘as she was leaving the country. She said, "It has never bloomed before, so feel free to discard if it doesn't in your hands as well".

The plant got watered and nourished just as other plants in our little garden, but neither did it grow, nor did it bloom! 🙃

Is it ever going to bloom? Should we keep or should we not? 🤔

In the hustle and bustle of life, we gave up 🤷‍♀️! .............

............Not on the plant, but in knowing the result!!! The plant continued to get watered and nourished, surviving amidst compliments fellow plants received for their blooms!!

So we were elated when this purple beauty showed up on the plant AFTER A YEAR ⚘! it was so WORTH THE WAIT! Not only did it survive, but it gave the most beautiful bloom!

In a #coaching conversation later, I was reminded of this. Most often, one gets so focused on the results that they forget to enjoy the process, and GIVE UP when things don't seem to work.

Instead, just as the slow bloomer, if we:

⚘ Keep working sincerely with focus, but without expectation

⚘ Remind oneself that each one's journey is unique

⚘ Be present and enjoy the process,

then results will show up unexpectedly and beautifully!

💯 Remember that our life is not a race or a competition, it is a road to be travelled, where at each milestone we become a better version of ourselves!


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Padmaja Naidu
Padmaja Naidu
Sep 04, 2021

So true, in the huzzle and puzzle of life, we only focus of end result, but in the whole process, we forget the process or steps, needed to either raise, grow it or develop it, the whole process is an evolution, and there is no shot cuts to it, your perseverance and hard work, paved the way. If one one enjoys the role of Nurturer or care taker, one will not expect, if the thoughts & things are done without expectations, the nature will take it's own time, and that is what happened, you are a beautiful person inside out, great to see your plant bloom.


sameera hassan
sameera hassan
Aug 29, 2021

Needed this boost … and it came at the right time . Thankyou dear !

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