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ABOUT Dr Lakshmi

I'm curious about Life, at a scientific and spiritual level.

I began to explore life at a cellular and molecular level through my PhD research at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo, NY, USA. 

In 2006, at the age of 26, I obtained my doctorate with a Dean's award.

A personal challenge with infertility led me to leave my then high flying career in science. While going through this difficult time, I experienced a tryst with spirituality. My life shifted from Challenges to Meaningful Changes. 

While science instilled an evidence-based, analytical, and problem solving attitude in me, spirituality enabled me to let go of perfection and what's beyond my control.

Today, as a mother of two, a woman in science, a keynote speaker and coach, I inspire people to live life to their fullest, playing multiple roles with passion and energy, and living a productive life with contentment at the core. 



Through my inspirational Keynote Speech, 'Challenges to Meaningful Changes', I redefine productivity as a measure of contentment, resilience as the ability to look for opportunities amidst obstacles, and emotional intelligence as a heightened sense of awareness about oneself and others. 

Tapping in on my personal experience from the 2018 Floods in Kerala, I speak on 'Intuitive Decision Making' which is powerful in situations defined by uncertainty, no sufficient or conclusive data, such as in a crisis. 

I am also passionate about speaking to students about 'Carving a Career in Science', through thought provoking conversations and making them aware of their own potentials and the possibilities that exist. 

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My 20+ years in science is a result of my continuous adaptation and persistent learning. Though I started out my career in research with a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from SUNY Buffalo, my career has advanced non linearly, giving me a flavour of non-research science careers such as science communication and administration.


During this time, I recognized my innate passion to support others in their career and personal growth. Today, equipped as globally accredited coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF) , I help people excel and advance in life. 

My vision is to make coaching accessible to the scientific community, the way it is for the business executives. 

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Rob Salisbury, CSP/Global Speaker, CEO www.strategicresources.com.au

Lakshmi has a wonderful presence as a keynote speaker, a cadence in her presentation that is easy to follow and wonderful stories of courage, compassion and never giving up on ones dreams to make a difference. 

She did a great job of inspiring the attendees and her timing in her TEDx style presentation was spot on.

Benjamin Wood, Founder LLC Global

Lakshmi was able to help me see how I could focus my efforts and energy more effectively and what was truly important to me as a person. This in itself was a breakthrough for me but combined with her guidance in setting action steps with a view of realizing my overall goal it has changed the way I prioritize parts of my life and as a result opportunities are opening up I would never have even considered possible in the past.

Dr. Laxmi Iyer, Co-Founder and Managing editor, Biotechin.Asia

Lakshmi's stupendous growth as a scientist, STEM researcher, scientific writer, an author, keynote speaker while also giving importance to one’s own personal growth is sure to inspire many more women in following their dreams of achieving that seemingly impossible, life-work integration


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