Dr Lakshmi

I am on a mission to make coaching accessible to science professionals.

People in science are people with a passion, and a purpose to positively impact the world.

However, the journey can get rough with pressure to publish, keep up with grants and administration

Unfortunately, training in science is heavily focused on technical skills.

 Seldom on self-, team management and leadership.

This is essential as research shows increasing burnout and depression amongst science professionals.

I aim to address exactly this gap as a professional coach, speaker and trainer with 20 years of experience in science careers.

I am equipped with coaching credentials from ICF and Belbin, as well as a diploma in training (CIDTT) in addition to a doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology (USA)


 I provide 1-1 coaching, group coaching and team coaching for science professionals and teams.

I also speak, consult and train on science career transitions, productivity and balance, emotional intelligence and Enoughness. 

I help create effective science leaders of tomorrow!


Helping Hands

1-1 Coaching

  • Get clear on the next steps

  • Overcome self-doubt

  • Communicate clearly

  • Lead your team effectively

  • Become more productive

Group Coaching & Workshops

  • 'Enoughness' for Leaders 

  • 'Enoughness' for early to mid-career level professionals

  • Manage Imposter Syndrome and Self-doubt

  • Emotional Intelligence for Science & Healthcare

  • Live a productive and fulfilled life

science Career Consulting

  • How to use Linkedin to make you         and your science visible

  • How to make career transitions in science


  • Becoming effective leaders in Science

  • Recruiting and retaining more women in science?

  • Future relevance of STEM research and education



"I've known Lakshmi to be a great motivator and someone who is willing to share her knowledge and skills with the community. She conducted a very useful and practical workshop on enhancing LinkedIn skills, for our postdocs and students that was well received by all"

Dr. Sarada Bulchand, PhD, Lead, Career Development Programme, Duke-NUS

"I've had a great learning opportunity in Lakshmi's recent workshop on "LinkedIn for Scientists". It was full of useful tips and advice how to improve one's visibility, create a perfect post and gear up in the job hunt. She told about the subtle tricks and kicks how to make your personal brand stand out and attract followers. I greatly appreciate Lakshmi's style of coaching since she brings in her personal experience and vulnerability to make the content easy to relate to, and is able to keep everyone engaged via her gentle and positive interaction with the audience."

Dr. Miina Öhman, MD PhD, Physician Scientist

"I had the pleasure to listen to Lakshmi for her keynote about "Leadership Lessons from Crisis" and to be with her during the Keynote program. She manages to convey through words full of emotion and power which lessons we can take from disaster. The message was clear and impactful. She is also a strong skills speaker on science topics and is passionate about Women in STEM. It's a great pleasure working with her and learn from her"

Aurélie SAADA, APAC Risk Lead, Co-Lead Women at Microsoft Singapore


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